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Website Modifications

There are many reasons that you may need to modify an existing web site:

  • Changes in your industry or to address industry competition
  • Adding responsive design or addressing changes in supported user devices such as new smart phones or tablets
  • Addressing changes in supported browsers or browser versions
  • Adding new types of content, for example video, banners or sliders, etc.
  • Adding a shopping cart, contact forms, product configurators, or other new features
  • Updating your web site design to reflect changes in user expectations

The broad experience of the Lanex team will often enable us to use your existing framework and platform to meet newly identified needs. If improving or extending your existing web site is a practical way to move forward, we are happy to do so. If your existing platform is no longer supported, or is unable to be extended, then we can embark on a new or supplemental web site project with you.

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