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Content Population

Whether you choose to use your existing content or have us create new content for your web site, you may choose to have Lanex populate the content both text and images to your web site. Lanex will always provide training on maintaining and adding content to your Lanex designed web site. However, many of our customers have found it expedient to have their initial or ongoing content maintenance done by our staff. Having Lanex do your initial content population will often speed up the launch of your new site so that you can start to see a quicker return on your investment. It will also reduce stress on your staff and allow them to continue to do their jobs.

Content population may include one or more of the following services:

  • Transfer existing content from an old web site to a new site
  • Analyze and update your menu layout
  • Repurpose content from existing print materials or other sources
  • Interview company principals or subject matter experts and write new content
  • Copywriting services to create content for your web site from new or existing content
  • Resize or otherwise optimize images
  • Create and populate online product catalogs

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