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ColdFusion has proven to be a “sticky” technology – in other words, one that has stuck around for many years, and continues to be useful today. ColdFusion, or CF, is a web development language initially created in 1995, which allowed developers to easily extend their websites’ functionality, including connecting their websites to databases. Lanex has used CF for a number of its offerings since 1999, including product configurators, scheduling tools, and specialized Content Management Systems. Further demonstrating our skill with this technology, Lanex co-founder Herb Guenther co-authored a Wrox publication on ColdFusion, titled “Professional ColdFusion 5.0”, ISBN #1-86100-454-0 in 2001. As of the writing of this content, Adobe ColdFusion is presently on version 11.

Lanex continues to maintain CF hosting environments and development resources. Whether looking to create a new ColdFusion application, or, extend an existing website, Lanex has the experience to work with your CF project.

Contact Lanex today for to discuss your ColdFusion (or Cold Fusion, CF) needs.

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