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Web Development


We use both Open Source and custom web development solutions to deliver your CMS website, depending on your needs and budget. Lanex will work with you to determine the best tools to meet your website development goals.

Web development steps include:

  • Reviewing goals and objectives for your website. Evaluate your current Internet “footprint” and discover options which may help increase visibility.
  • Define audience and market segments that will be reached through the website.
  • Discuss a development timeline and budget, and evaluate site “needs” versus “wants.”
  • Discover your website design likes and dislikes which include colors and styles, features and functions.
  • Determine the best technology platform for development (your content management system, or CMS).
  • Determine needed content and graphics to be created.
  • Discuss Search Engine Marketing considerations such as search engine optimization.
  • Develop a long-term picture of where a client wishes to be with their website, and determine the best platform for development
  • Develop site navigation and functionality using comprehensive designs and wireframes.
  • Website hosting and support
  • Training key personnel on website CMS and maintenance

Lanex has developed sophisticated websites and online applications for many years. Therefore, we offer extensive training and support for custom solutions as well as Open Source websites. We specialize in CMS Web design in the Milwaukee metro area. While we have customers all over the US and beyond, our Brookfield Wisconsin office location makes us an ideal solution for projects in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, and Milwaukee counties and the surrounding areas.

Technology is constantly changing and we consider it our responsibility to ensure our customers are trained on every web application we build. Training and support is accounted for in each proposal.

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Award Winning Web Design

Lanex Award Winning Web DesignThe design of your website is a critical element in communicating to your customers and differentiating your organization from your competition. Open Source and do-it-yourself web site programs have made it easier than ever to build your web site’s foundation, but often result in a web site that will receive a negative reaction from your customers and will not meet your goals.

At Lanex we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We know that the design and layout of your web site is critical. We are committed to superior design for all of our customers’ projects.

Since 1999, Lanex has developed cutting-edge, affordable websites and web development projects.

Read our article on How to Build a Webpage That Works.

Lanex employs graphics design talent familiar with the latest web trends and technology. Our process of listening, analyzing, and executing up to date, effective web site designs continues to deliver the results our customers expect. Our numerous design awards demonstrate our focus on getting it right for our customers.

Lanex’s multimedia design talent works to help you determine a look and feel that is consistent with your message, as well as a website which is clean and intuitive to site users.

Depending on your functional requirements and scope of work, Lanex will use different techniques to establish a representation of your vision.

These techniques may include:

  • Creation of a wireframe mock-up, which is a representation of the overall layout of a site or a specific component, including menu structure, placeholders on pages, and fields or data collected.
  • Creation of a series of comprehensive designs, or design “comps”, which are visual representations of Lanex’s understanding of a customer’s visual requirements.
  • Review of current marketing material, company style guides, logos, and photography, and how this material should be represented on the website.
  • Identification of any “stock art” which may need to be purchased for a site design.

Using wireframes and/or design comps, using elements from one or more of the created designs, a final design is created.

Lanex will then take the final design artwork and “split” them, which is a process in which one graphic image is split into multiple pieces, used for the technical implementation of a design.

The “split” graphics will then be transformed into a functional web site, with associated HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, Flex, and other components added to a content management system (CMS) or custom-developed website to create the specified functionality.

At Lanex, we take web site design very seriously. Let us help you choose the right CMS, and create a custom, unique web design that fits your business and your budget.

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