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Mobile & Responsive Design

MobileResponsiveThe vast majority of mobile users who land on a non-mobile-friendly website will leave the site and go to a competitor’s site. Therefore, mobile-friendly web design for smart phones and tablets is becoming a necessity. We specialize in designing websites that are mobile-friendly so that you keep your visitors and give them a good user experience. We are experienced and passionate about mobile web design.

We do not recommend having two separate websites (one for mobile in addition to your ‘regular’ website); we suggest one site that does it all. There are a few different options for making your new website mobile-friendly, so contact us, or read on for more information.

Fluid web design is when your website is programmed to dynamically adjust its content to the actual device’s screen size. It is auto-adjusting (fluid) so it fits the screen size properly. Therefore, it always presents a visually-appealing layout with navigation appropriate for your device.  So, no matter what device your visitor is using, from Kindle, Nook, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, iPhone, etc., fluid design will fit the content to the mobile device.

At Lanex we can combine responsive and fluid design to build your ultimate, mobile-enabled website that will fit any mobile device, accommodating all screen sizes with the proper layout and usability.

Click here to see our portfolio, including a sampling of mobile and responsive websites.

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