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EHR Labeling Solutions

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Legacy Software Conversions and Development

Lanex’s experience in the Information Technology field spans decades, and has exposed us to a lot of different systems and technology. Many of our projects over the years have involved taking a functional inventory of an existing legacy application, and building a new version on an updated platform.

In other cases, Lanex has been asked to review code from older programming languages, and make adjustments to an application’s functionality.

As web-based platforms simplify an organization’s ability to roll out changes to its user base, Lanex constructs web-based tools that are easily maintainable when asked to upgrade an application.

By marrying our design and discovery process to our knowledge of legacy systems and current web platforms, Lanex is well-suited to participate in building a modernized, web-based version of your application.

Contact Lanex today for assistance in upgrading your legacy applications to a web platform.

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