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EHR Labeling Solutions

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A hallmark of Lanex’s over 15 years in business has been its ability to develop websites that are able to talk with other systems, regardless of the operating systems they are built with.

These communications can take many forms, including the ability to upload and transfer data via spreadsheets; flat-file, CSV, or tab-delimited text files; web services; FTP; DTS, ODBC, SSIS; JSON, AJAX; XML and cXML; API’s; and even socket-level or serial communications.

Having an integrated website can provide users with a better experience, including viewing more timely information, minimizing administrative maintenance work, and reducing or eliminating clerical activities.

Areas which system integration has been important to our customers include the update of inventory information on a website, pricing updates, automatic creation of quotations and bills-of-material, online order entry, order imports, product catalogs, product configurators, purchasing portals, and shipping system integration, to name a few examples.

Rest assured, if you have a dusty, legacy black box that sits in the corner of your room processing data, we can assist in having it talk with the rest of the world.

Contact Lanex today for assistance in your integration needs.

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