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Custom CMS


Throughout our over 15 years in business, Lanex has built many sophisticated Content Management Systems. We have developed Content Management Systems (CMS) for clients both big and small. Lanex feels that these systems benefit you by putting the power of site maintenance into your hands. This keeps cost low, as you are empowered to add and edit your own content without developer involvement.

The content management systems that we offer allow you to edit web pages, text, as well as photos, documents, and other media. Content is updated through an easy-to-use (WYSIWYG-style) editor, with a variety of tools for formatting and styling. The styles that Lanex established for your website will be available in the CMS editor so that they can be applied easily and consistently.

Open-Source software, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, has become an excellent, cost-effective CMS solution for website creation and content management. Since 1999, Lanex has been building websites using Open-Source solutions in addition to our proprietary, custom-built CMS applications.

We have recently received awards for our WordPress custom themes, noted for their eye-catching graphic design.

Lanex can assess your needs and recommend a platform for your new website. Contact Lanex today to discuss your CMS needs.

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