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Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves the continual improvement of your website’s structure, code, and content to best meet the needs of potential visitors who would like to find your company via search engines. Website content is important, so we work with you to create on-page and on-site SEO strategies and to optimize your internet marketing.

We offer SEO services by the hour or in a package that fits your needs:


  • Researching and testing to find keywords that lead to conversions and qualified inquiries
  • Implementing those keyword strategies in the correct areas of your site (page titles, URLs, on –page SEO, etc.)
  • Inbound marketing services, such as assistance in link building
  • Setting up and utilizing Analytics software to track rankings, conversions and trends and to identify opportunities
  • Helping to create specific landing pages, contact forms, online coupon or discount codes for specific campaigns or products
  • Creating dynamic, XML-based site maps for search engines, allowing for optimal indexing
  • Implementing “Suggested Content” links to related content that may not be reflected explicitly in the menu structure

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