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Interface Design

Interface DesignThe interface design phase can take many forms, depending on the type of project we are engaged in.

For a marketing website, for example, we will review your marketing standards, websites you like, and maybe interfaces you don’t like, to ensure our design meets your expectations.

In an application development project, an interface may be designed in a manner that makes data entry easy, validates content in a particular fashion, or is designed for a particular device or platform.

Depending on your project type, Lanex may use any or all of the following techniques to create your application’s interface:

  • Wireframes, which are simple drawings used to confirm placement of the fields and controls on a page.
  • Comprehensive Designs, known as “Design Comps”, which are visual representations of what your website may look like if you went in a particular direction.
  • Revisions, which we will use to present a final design to you for approval.

Our designs are generally presented to customers as .JPG images for review, as well as posted to a development link, which helps users approximate what the final design may look like through a browser.

Feedback on our designs are gathered through email, teleconference, remote meetings, or in-person meetings.

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