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EHR Labeling Solutions

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Gathering & Consulting

Gathering & ConsultingAt Lanex, our “discovery” sessions are essential to the development of our projects. We ask the right questions to ensure your needs are being met. We typically like to know key factors such as: What is your timeline and budget? What does success mean to you? What are your overall goals? Simply put, the questions we ask are designed to pave a clear path for the next step in the process.


Lanex will design a proposal outlining the custom roadmap of your needs, and the associated budget for each process. Our proposals are strategically designed to break down the process we developed for your needs and provide a comprehensive cost analogy of the project.

On more complex projects, the next step is for us to sit down with you and your “key decision makers” for a face-to-face meeting. Time-sensitive or “rush” projects are also accommodated at Lanex — so, whether you are looking for a fast response to an RFP, or a quick quote for a project with a tight deadline, we are here to help.

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