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Deployment and Go-Live

Deployment and Go Liver

Development of an application or website is typically done at a development URL on a Lanex server. After final review and approval of the project by our customers, Lanex will work with our customers to make the necessary domain and DNS changes to put the site “live” on the Internet, which will move the website from the development environment into its final production environment.

With some of our enterprise application deployments, work is generally performed first on a development system, then “promoted” through quality assurance, staging, and production platforms.

Upon go-live of an application, Lanex recommends a final round of testing to ensure payment gateways, contact forms, and other features are working to our customers’ satisfaction.

Enabling indexing of a website, setting up “301 permanent redirects”, and assistance in setting up analytics accounts are SEO options which our customers may select with their projects. These steps would be performed during the Go-Live process.

Lanex provides a limited warranty on our website development to aid in catching issues that may arise during the initial deployment of the system.

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