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R U Mobile?

If you have gotten a “Fix Mobility Issues” notice on your website, Lanex can fix the problem.

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You’re Writing For Who?

Knowing your audience is half the battle, knowing what your audience is searching for is an even bigger battle. Content is king in the realm of internet marketing and if you don’t know who you are writing for you are in a world without sunlight. Going back to our previous post, like fish people feed […]

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Are You Fishing With French Fries?

….On knowing your audience. When Lanex approaches the design or redesign of a web site for a customer we look not only at what our customer would like to see, but also what the intended audience will expect to see and experience. If you went fishing tomorrow, you would not stop on the way to […]

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The “HeartBleed” Bug

IT MADE OUR “HEARTBLEED” What is it? If you have listened to or read the news lately you may have heard about “Heartbleed”. Heartbleed is the term coined for a vulnerability in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a security library, or piece of code that is commonly used to provide security on servers, internet appliances, and web […]

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The First 5 Seconds: Appearance is Everything

The visual design of the first page your visitor sees will set the initial impression they have of your organization. This is a scary but true fact: if the purely visual presentation of your page is not what the visitor expects and demands they are likely to click the browser back button and look for […]

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The First 30 Seconds: Establish Credibility

Congratulations, your visitor has not clicked the “Back Button” (Yet!). They are exploring the written and visual information on the page that they have landed on. Even with excellent SEO, they may not have landed on the most appropriate page on your site for the information they are looking for. However, since each page represents […]

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The First 5 Minutes: Establish A Relationship

Congratulations again, your visitor has still not clicked the “Back Button”. This means that they have decided that you could, perhaps, maybe, be the organization to meet their need. You have not scared them away with a rundown web site and you seem to be a credible organization. However, the chance that they have landed […]

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